Golang – Why It’s A Big Deal for the Business World?

Golang – Why It’s A Big Deal for the Business World?

Hailed as the future of web and programming language, Golang has been making a big fuss in the business world. Several tech giants and big companies already adopted this blazingly fast open-source coding language.  

Here’s the one-million-dollar question: what sets it apart from other languages? Let’s dig deeper into this as we go along.   

What is Golang?   

Designed by Google in 2007 (launched in 2009), Ken Thompson, Rob Pike, and Robert Griesemer brilliant minds initially created this language to make it easier for programmers to write and deploy code across many platforms.   

Go is a system-level programming language that runs on Linux, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows. It has a C-like syntax with static typing, lightweight concurrency, garbage collection, interfaces, maps, slices etc.   

The language was built to fill the needs of software development teams that had to create applications that ran across a diverse set of hardware while keeping within specified budgets and schedules.   

Why Use Golang For Your Business/Projects?   

For quite some time, the web development community has been trying to find the successor of other popular languages. Most developers have their favorites that they’ve either learned or are familiar with, such as Ruby or Python.   

However, this passion for these non-Golang languages has led to a lack of excitement about the language. What’s more, Golang didn’t actually even hit its stride until 2012 with the release of version 1.0 and hasn’t yet fully caught up with some of its rivals in terms of features and capabilities.  

Fortunately, it’s not all doom and gloom for those looking to use Golang. Compared to other languages, Golang offers a number of advantages that other options may not provide, which can help you increase your product’s functionality and expand your team.  

Here are more reasons why tech businesses opt for Golang than conventional programming language:   

Golang boasts its blazingly fast compiling speed.    

You can run it on a laptop and build a web application in minutes!   

Golang code is easy to read, write, and maintain. Plus, you don’t need any special training to adopt the language. It enables programmers to avoid complex constructs for simple things like variable declaration and detailed memory management.  

The compiler warns you of errors at compile time rather than run time. This gives developers full visibility of errors to fix bugs early in the development process before any problems occur during rollout.  

On top of that, the compiler can run on various operational systems through simple commands. The compiling process is pretty straightforward and takes just a few minutes to complete – all you need for this are one executable file.  

Golang is comprehensible.  

Another great thing about Golang is it does not have complicated, intricate features. The language has a simple syntax and is small enough to understand it in a short time.   

Newbies can quickly get started with it. Along with the simplicity of the interface is its security. It is not designed with the intent of hacking. It means that you can safely deploy your code without having to be concerned about security breaches.  

Golang uses the modern C11/C++14 features.   

Currently, 11 companies are developing Golang programming language-based products and services across different industries, including Banking, e-commerce, healthcare, logistics, etc. The list includes Google, Docker, SAP, Stripe, Mozilla, IBM and more.   

Note: This is a compiled language. That means it doesn’t have any proprietary features that could use to break the system. Its primary purpose is to get quicker feedback and make it easier for developers.   

Golang does not provide support of C libraries API calls, but there are third party libraries that can be easily adopted by incorporating Go packages into your program source file.  

Golang is scalable.  

When we say scalable, it means that the system can react quickly to changes by scaling up or down the available resources. It can be deny that concurrency was one of the headaches of developers.   

Luckily, Go is here to save the day. It is a simple yet powerful and efficient solution for handling concurrency. The language has seen phenomenal growth in recent years as it provides a simple means of solving complex real-time problems.   

When is the best time to use Golang?  

Go is the right programming language for your project if you are planning to develop:  

  • Mail sending platforms  
  • API’s  
  • JSON, XML,CSV Parsers  
  • Notification services  
  • Serverless web services   
  • Streaming systems  

 The Future of Golang   

This programming language is only growing stronger as Google uses it to develop its critical applications like Pay (Google Pay), Adwords, and Youtube. Even NASA’s Automated Transfer Vehicle uses Go to control its station docking.   

If you are looking for a new language for your projects that can support quick development, Golang might be the ideal one for you. Here at GoSEO, we can provide perfect solutions for your business needs using this brilliant programming language.  

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